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Active fire and life safety systems can be described as systems that actively monitor, control and suppress fire.

A Fire Alarm and Detection System is an active system that constantly monitors areas of a building for the presence of smoke, heat and or flame. If smoke, heat or flame have been detected within a building the fire alarm and detection system can be programmed to automatically trigger ancillary devices and other life safety systems including calling the local QFES (Queensland Fire and Emergency Services) to site via and ASE (Alarm Signalling Equipment), An EWIS (Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System), can also be triggered to provide warning tones, WIPS (Warden Intercommunication Phones) and strobe lights to ensure building occupants are aware of an emergency event and can be evacuated in an safe controlled manner.
In addition to these basic functions the fire panel can also be interfaced with other building services to perform various functions including air-conditioning shutdown to prevent smoke from being transferred from one compartment to another, security interface to open security controlled doors, control CCTV systems, close smoke and fire doors and monitor other fire and life safety systems.

Services Provided

Installation of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Installation of EWIS Systems

Modifications to Existing Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Certification of an Installation of a Fire Alarm and Detection System

Contract and Sub-contract Installations

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