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PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant

Water Based Acrylic Intumescent Sealant

PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant is a water based sealant designed for use with copper pipes with combustible and non-combustible insulation as well as with selected plastic pipes to prevent the spread of smoke, fire and heat


PROMASEAL®-AG Acrylic Intumescent Sealant is supplied in 300ml cartridges and is available in grey. It expands when heat is applied to it filling the penetration and taking up the space of any service or insulation that melts leaving an opening. It can be painted after 24 hours of installation , skin formation occurs within 15 mins on a typical 20oC day. Humidity of greater than 65% will result in extended drying time. Substrate must be free of oil, grease and dust before installation. Clean tools with water after use.


  • Approvals for Hebel walls along with 60 & 120 minute F.R Plasterboard
  • Approved for copper pair coils with fire rated and non fire rated insulation
  • Approved for selected PEX pipes
  • Many more approvals on the way
  • No backing required in the penetration

General Technical Data

Colour Grey
Expansion Pressure Approx. 0.9N/mm2
Expansion Ratio Approx. 1:13
Expansion Temperature Approx. 150oC
Solids Content 84 +/- 5%
Application Temperature 5°C to 40°C
UV Resistance Good
Temperature Resistance -20°C to 70°C
Skin Time Approx 15 minutes


300 ml cartridges, 12 tubes per carton

  • Store in cool, dry, well ventilated area
  • Removed from oxidising agents, acids and food
  • Protect from heat and frost

Original sealed containers at least 12 months. Once opened use as soon as possible

Health and Safety

No special precautions are required. For more information please check the safety data sheet:

Waste Disposal

Handle as construction industry waste and dispose of in compliance with all local and national regulations in the appropriate and approved manner.