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Fire Resistance Intumescent Wrap

PROMASEAL® FlexiWrap is manufactured with Promat intumescent technology. It is designed to provide fire resistance where combustible insulation is used as thermal insulation around metal pipes.


PROMASEAL® FlexiWrap has been tested up to 240 minute fire resistance with copper pipes through concrete/masonry floors and walls or lightweight partitions (with an equal or greater fire resistance level) where they are generally combustible and potential for fire, hot gases and smoke to bypass the compartmentation. It is not tested on plastic pipes.


850mm x 450mm x 6mm


  • Protection for insulated pipes without requiring removal of the insulation
  • Up to 100mm pipes tested for wall penetrations
  • Tested with multiple pipes in one opening
  • Tested with bundles of up to 3 pipes (individual wrap for each pipe required)
  • Tested in a variety of wall types

Health & Safety

No special precautions are required. However, to avoid potential for fibre generation exists, please wear appropriate personal protection gear (safety goggles, protective clothing and dust mask). For more information please check the material safety data sheet, available upon request.

Waste Disposal

Handle as construction industry waste and dispose of in compliance with all local and national regulations in the appropriate and approved manner.


Product Datasheet

Product Datasheet