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PROMASEAL® Floor Waste Cast In Collar

Fire Collar for Plastic Pipe Penetration Seals

Floor waste collars help prevent the passage of fire and smoke through openings in compartment floors in the event of a fire. For installation of collars on permanent formwork and in thin floor slabs (<150mm) always contact Promat. These collars are available in various models and the type used depends on the certification required for the building.


PROMASEAL® Floor Waste Collars (Patent Pending) are designed to provide fire resistance where floor wastes penetrate wet areas. The collars have been tested for cast-in floor applications with the pipe fitting within the collar and when tested to AS1530: Part 4 and AS4072: Part 1 achieved an FRL of -/240/240.

The FWC100 collar is suitable for 50, 80 & 100mm uPVC, 100mm HDPE and 100mm Rehau Raupiano pipe.
Minimum Slab depth is 150mm.

Code No. uPVC Pipe HDPE Pipe Body Flange
 D H W L
FWC 100 Nominal 100mm Nominal 100mm 148mm 107mm 190mm 220mm
FWC 100H Nominal 100mm Nominal 100mm 148mm 250mm 190mm 220mm
FWC 80H Nominal 80mm N/A 148mm 250mm 190mm 220mm
FWC 50H Nominal 50mm N/A 148mm 250mm 190mm 220mm