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PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collar (circular base)

Fire Resistant Collar for Plastic Pipes Penetration Seals

Circular based PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collar (FCS type) is designed to be fitted around installed pipes that pass through floor slabs and have been tested with uPVC, HDPE and ABS pipes up to 100mm diameter. The larger opening within the collars will accommodate pipes (and uPVC pipe fittings) that have differing outside diameters.

PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collar should be unclipped, placed around the pipe, reclipped and pushed tight to the substrate.

Both square and circular based PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collars can be split in order to be retrofitted or relocated when necessary.



Code no. FCS 40 FCS 50 FCS 65 FCS 100
uPVC pipe nominal diameter mm 40 50 65 100
HDPE pipe nominal diameter mm 50 56 75 100
ABS pipe nominal diameter mm 40 50 100
Body H mm 43 43 43 53
D1 mm 56 70 84 127
D2 mm 84 98 113 167
Flange D3 mm 131 145 161 214
 Carton Quantity 20 15 15 10


Circular based PROMASEAL® Retrofit Collars are manufactured under a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. The production unit has passed the site audit of ISO 14001 and all manufacturing processes are in accordance with the environmental standards of ISO 14001: 2004 and the safety standards of AS 4801: 2001.