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Foil Faced Rockwool

PROMASEAL® SupaWrap is designed to provide insulation criteria onto metal pipes, cables and cable trays.

The deemed to satisfy requirements of the Building Code of Australia requires copper pipes and other service penetrations to be able to achieve insulation criteria when tested to the requirements of AS 1530.4:2014.

For metal pipes in walls and all services through slabs. A length of 600mm is required using the PROMASEAL® SupaWrap.


Cable trays and cables while not as highly conductive as metal pipes will still transfer heat to the unexposed side of a fire resisting element. In these cases the penetrating element must be protected so as to not transfer this heat and possibly contribute to fire spread. The advantage of the SupaWrap product is that the extension of the wrap is only for 300mm* (depending on wall thickness) from the face of the wall as opposed to other solutions that can be as long as 800mm.


Colour Silver face with mineral wool backer
Sizes – SupaWrap  4m x 600mm x 40mm