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Promat PromaWrap is designed to provide insulation criteria onto highly conductive material such as copper pipes.

The deemed to satisfy Building Code of Australia requires copper pipes and other service penetrations to be able to achieve insulation criteria when tested to the requirements of AS 1530.4:2005.


Copper and ferrous metal pipes along with other metal penetrations are generally highly conductive and may transfer heat to the unexposed side of a fire resisting element. In these cases the penetrating element must be protected so as to not transfer this heat and possibly contribute to fire spread.


Colour Grey
 Size – Medium
800mm x 550mm
 Size – Small
800mm x 400mm


  • Premade to size for simple installation.
  • Will provide 120 minutes insulation for cable and metal pipe penetrations when used with other Promat Firestopping products
  • Multiple sizes to suit different size pipes.

Health & Safety

Waste Disposal

Handle as construction industry waste and dispose of in compliance with all local and national regulations in the appropriate and approved manner.