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Promat PipeSeal® Cast-in Collar

Non Fire Resistant Collar for Plastic Pipes Penetration Seals

Promat PipeSeal® Cast-in Collar is designed to be fixed to the formwork prior to pouring concrete floor slabs to provide openings in floor slabs for non fire resistant plastic pipe penetrations.



The collar is available in FIVE (5) sizes to accommodate pipes with an outside diameter of 43mm, 55mm, 69mm, 83mm or 110mm.

Promat PipeSeal® Cast-in are designed to provide openings in cast slabs. The product will not provide a seal in the event of a fire and has no fire resistance level classification.


Code no. PPS 40 PPS 50 PPS 65 PPS 80 PPS 100 PPS 150
uPVC pipe outside diameter mm 43 55 69 83 110 160
uPVC pipe nominal diameter mm 40 50 65 80 100 170*
Body H mm 78 78 68 78 78 150
D1 mm 43 55 69 83 110 190
D2 mm 115 115 115 163 163 190
Flange D3 mm 160 160 160 210 210 253

* Allowance of 10mm for backfill around pipes


Promat PipeSeal® Cast-in Collar are manufactured under a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. The production unit has passed the site audit of ISO 14001 and all manufacturing processes are in accordance with the environmental standards of ISO 14001: 2004 and the safety standards of AS 4801: 2001.