Passive Fire

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A passive fire system is a system that is generally installed during construction or retrofitted during maintenance or building renovations and provides an engineered level of protection to the building for building occupants from the incipient spread of smoke or fire.
Fire Stopping, is a requirement within buildings to protect the building and it’s occupants from the incipient spread of smoke or fire from one smoke or fire compartment to another. During the construction process various trades install, cables, pipes, ducts and other services that penetrate walls, floors and ceilings to provide access from one section or floor of a building to another. After a hole or penetration is formed and the service has been installed the FRL, (Fire Resistance Level) of the hole or penetration must be the same on completion as when it started. If an electrician penetrates a fire wall with an FRL of 120/120/120 and installs cables through the penetration he/she must then ensure the FRL is maintained by having a suitably qualified person/s install a fire stopping system to protect the penetration and restore the FRL. Various systems including, HILTI, Promat and Boss fire stopping systems can be installed to ensure the fire and life safety systems are maintained to prevent the spread of fire.
Fire Doors, during the design stages of certain buildings fire compartments and fire zoning is established. These compartments are critical to ensuring life safety and establishing a safe means of egress from the building in the event of fire. A simple example of a fire compartment maybe a corridor that provides a path of egress through and out of a building. This corridor may be separated by fire or smoke doors, these doors must maintain the fire safety characteristics of the fire or smoke compartment ensuring fire or smoke can be withheld for a predetermined period of time. These doors are fire or smoke doors which may automatically close once a fire has been detected. Once closed the fire doors and accompanying fire compartments help to contain the fire and with other fire and life safety elements provide occupants and emergency services with a higher level of control to safely evacuate the building and assist with fire fighting requirements.

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